Entry Qualifications:

  • G. C. E. Advanced Level or equivalent qualification.


  • One year

Venue/ Medium:

  • All the courses are conducted at the Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies, Manelwatta, Kelaniya. Medium of instruction is Sinhala/ English.

Application Procedure:

  • E-mail or post us an application stating the course that you want to follow, your contact details and academic qualifications.

Date of Commencement: May 2016

  • Note: All the courses will be started depending on the number of applications received.



  • Diploma in Buddhist Āyurvedic Psychiatry and Counselling

    Theoretical and practical approach to analyze the psycho-somatic illnesses based on the fundamentals of Buddhism, Buddhist culture and Āyurveda.
    The aims and objective of the course is to promote

    Physical well-being - arogyaparama labha
    Mental well-being – santutthiparamam dhanam
    Social well-being – vissasaparama nati
    Spiritual well-being – nibbanam paramam sukham

    of individual and the society. This is a combination of Buddhist teachings, Buddhist Āyurveda, astrology and Buddhist rites and rituals. The ancient Sri Lankan monasteries and educational centers practiced these subjects as a whole in order to achieve the above aims and objectives. In this system the psychiatry and counseling methods are applied in cultural context in order to confirm its acceptability and sustainability. The following areas of study are included in the curriculum.

    Historical Background of Buddhist Āyurvedic psychiatry and Counselling
    Buddhist Āyurvedic Concepts of Health and Hygeine
    Buddhist Āyurvedic Analysis of Human Personality
    Buddhist Āyurvedic Analysis of Mental Disorders
    Buddhist Āyurvedic Methods of Treatment in Psychiatry and Counselling

  • Diploma in Buddhist Āyurvedic Management of Old-age

    The aim and objective of this course is to study and practice the Buddhist and Āyurvedic advice and treatments for the successful management of physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects related to old-age.

  • Diploma in Buddhist Culture and Traditional Sciences

    The aim and objective of this course is to examine the scientific basis of all the traditional sciences and their applicability for the well-being of modern society.

  • Diploma in Buddhist Meditation

    Theoretical and practical approach to the Buddhist meditation of concentration and insight with special attention to Theravāda sources.

  • Diploma in Buddhist Communication

    Study of the methods of communication used by the Buddha and his disciples for the propagation of Buddhism and their applicability to modern society.

  • Diploma in Buddhist Āyurvedic Science of Food and Nutrition

    Study the kinds of traditional food, their preparation, herbal medicine, identification of herbal plants, analysis of digestive system, etc. with reference to Buddhism and Āyurveda.

Diploma Application

This application must be filled and submitted directly to the Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies. Online submissions are not allowed.

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