Definition of the Emblem

The logo of the Nāgānanda International Institute of Buddhist Studies is a lotus flower on a green backdrop surrounded by a blue border. The blue water represents ‘Sila’ (Behavior) and the green leaf represents
Samādhi (Concentration). Protected in it is the Lotus the pristine and potent symbol of Pannā (Wisdom).


To provide leadership necessary for creating an enlightened world full of peace and unity by disseminating the philosophical and ethical teachings as well as the noble exemplary characters of Buddhism.


Our mission is the discovery, preservation and dissemination of knowledge rooted in Buddhist principles of compassion and wisdom. Nāgānanda International Institute of Buddhist Studies will foster lifelong learning, critical thinking and personal accomplishments and partner with communities spanning the globe in furthering human endeavors that serve all mankind in the fields of health, culture and social well-being.

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