• Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies


    Admissions Now Open

    Course Commencement - October 2017

    Subject Area: Buddhist Ayurvedic Psychiatry and Counseling

    Duration of the Course: 1 year (weekends only)

    Course Fee:

    Registration fee 20,000 LKR
    Course fee 50,000 LKR
    Total cost for the programme     70,000 LKR

    In addition registration fee of 20,000 LKR will be charged for each additional year (for repeating students)  

    Entry Qualifications:
    A bachelor degree (special or general) in Buddhist Studies or a related subject
    A bachelor degree (special or general) in any subject area and a postgraduate diploma conducted by the institute
    Any other academic or professional qualification acceptable to the institute

Master of Arts Application

This application must be filled and submitted directly to the Nāgānanda International Institute for Buddhist Studies. Online submissions are not allowed.
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