A Guide to Buddhist Āyurvedic Researches

Author: Prof. Sumanapala Galmangoda (B.A. [Hons.], M.A., Ph.D., Royal Pandit, Āyurvedic Doctor.

1.    Assignments and Compilation of Theses
2.    Compilation of Postgraduate Degree Dissertations
3.    Theoretical and Practical Buddhist Research Trends
4.    Buddhist and Āyurvedic Researches
5.    Buddhist and Āyurvedic Research Trends


About the Book
This booklet provides B.A., M.A., M. Phil. and Ph.D. students with a comprehensive guide to the compilation of theses and postgraduate dissertations in Buddhist and Āyurvedic studies elucidating the purpose and types of researches, process, approaches, crucial research components like literature review, the principal stages of a research and the overall research methodology that conduces to the successful compilation of a thesis through examples and specimen.

ISBN: 978-955-4995-06-2
(c) 2015 by Sumanapala Galmangoda

Price: Rs. 500

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