A Short Introduction to Traditional Pāli Grammar

Author: Prof. Sumanapala Galmangoda (B.A. [Hons.], M.A., Ph.D., Royal Pandit, Āyurvedic Doctor.

1.    The Pāli Alphabet
2.    The Noun Cases; An Introduction
3.    Declension of Nouns
4.    The Verbal Cases; An Introduction
5.    Conjugation of Verbal Roots
6.    Sandhi – Euphonic Combinations
7.    Prefixes (Upasagga) and Particles (Nipāta)
8.    Compound Words (Samāsa)
9.    Taddhita – Secondary Derivatives
10.    Kitaka – Preliminary Derivatives
11.    Kāraka – Syntax
Appendix – Pāli Grammatical Literature


About the Book
This book as its title implies gives a short introduction to Pāli alphabet, noun cases, declension of nouns, verbal cases, conjugation of verbal roots, euphonic combinations, prefixes, particles, compound words, secondary derivatives, preliminary derivatives, syntax, etc. with clear examples which enable the beginner of Pāli Language to grasp the lessons with ease. The format and the organizations of lessons in the book instill in the mind of the reader a sense of intense preference for further learning.

ISBN: 978-955-4995-05-5
(c) 2015 by Sumanapala Galmangoda

Price: Rs. 250 / $10

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