Āyurvedic Ethics for Healthy and Happy Life | Nirogī Sepavat Diviyakata Āyurvedīya Ācāradharma

Author: Prof. Sumanapala Galmangoda (B.A. [Hons.], M.A., Ph.D., Royal Pandit, Āyurvedic Doctor.

1.    Āyurvedic Concept of Wellbeing
2.    Time Management and Behavioural & Mental Wellbeing
3.    Concept of Food and Behavioural & Mental Wellbeing
4.    Environment and Behavioural & Mental Wellbeing
5.    Wholesome Behaviour and Appropriate Medical Treatments  

About the Book
This book contains five chapters which defines Āyurvedic concept of physical, behavioural and mental well-being and introduces Āyurvedic ethics and treatment for the enhancement of physical and mental well-being of individual.

ISBN: 978-955-4995-02-4
(c) 2015 by Sumanapala Galmangoda

Price: Rs. 250

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