1.    Entitled members should apply for research funds through the application form provided by the Association.

2.    Applications will be processed by the Association with the assistance of a Board of Specialists related to the research field.

3.    After the recommendation of the Board the researcher or the group of researchers should make a presentation before a specific Board of examiners.

4.    The application should accompany a research plan include with the details of the following aspects:

i.    Research problem
ii.    Review of the literature
iii.    Clarification of the problem
iv.    Clear definitions of the terms and concepts
v.    Definition of population
vi.    The instrumental plan
vii.    Method of collecting data
viii.    Method of analyzing data
ix.    Time-frame
x.    Expenditure
xi.    Names and qualifications of the researcher or research group.


5.    All researches should be directed in order to make a specific contribution to the society.

6.    The most suitable and profitable research works will be published in the Annual Journal of Research Association or will be published as Books or Booklets.

7.    The researchers are encouraged to do their researches in English medium because this is An International Research Centre. But the research works in Sinhala medium will also be considered for publication as to the requirements of the institute.

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